Letter of Resignation

May 2, 2007

Pam Dunn
Program Director
Aquinas College Adult Studies 

Dear Pam:

While we have discussed my plans to return to school at San Francisco this summer, I have been remiss in announcing a specific date of departure.  Finally I have set a date, and this letter will serve as formal notice of my resignation.  My employment as Educational Resources Coordinator for Aquinas Adult Studies will conclude at the end of the day on Thursday May 31st

On a less formal note, I wish to say that my time here at Aquinas has been an immense blessing.  Without hesitation I can boast that it has been the happiest and most fulfilling employment I have experienced to date.  Over the last 18 months this job has seen me through some intense transitions in my life: the death of two loved ones, graduate school, and climbing out of credit card debt.  My duties in the bookroom have provided me with a friendly and supportive atmosphere regardless of turbulence in other areas of my life. Working with you, Mark, Barbara, Francis, Nancy, Winnie, Sarah, John, Mike and the ladies in IPD, the Sisters, and the students has been nothing less than a pleasure and I will miss everyone. 

Thank you for providing me with this opportunity!


Jason Driskill