How much is that doggie in the window?

The Bookroom

Taffy Marsh, an instructor for Project Management courses at Aquinas has eagerly offered to purchase the portrait of Percy that I’ve displayed in the bookroom over the course of my employment here.  I’m as surprised as I am flattered; I never expected anyone would ever want to own a painting of someone else’s dog.  She insists that despite the difference in breeds, it reminds her of her German Shepherd. 

Portrait of Percy

Is it disrespectful to my relationship with Percy to part with such a monumental likeness of him?  It’s the sort of painting that should bring memories of him beyond his years with me.  

In any case, I’m glad it’s found an appreciative home.  It will make the move to San Francisco that much easier with one less painting to load onto the moving van.

One thought on “How much is that doggie in the window?”

  1. Jason,

    The portrait of Percy has a sort of majesty that reminds each of us of what it is or was that made us love our own favorite dog. There is no physical resemblance but when I look at this depiction of Percy, I think of Prancer with whom I used to stay when my friends took trips.

    Every time I see this image of Percy I think of the old hymn that begins:
    Majestic sweetness sits enthtroned
    Upon the Saviour’s brow.
    I know that must sound strange but my way of thinking is sometimes strange.

    I expect you to do great paintings in the future but I will be more than amazed if you do one with more heartfelt appreciation for what the subject has meant to you.


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