Ocean Kingdom 长隆 Zhuhai

My friend Qiang from Qufu Normal University was a mentor at GLV this year and planned to travel with me through Beijing on his way back to Shandong Province.  We both agreed that before leaving Zhuhai, we should check out the Ocean Kingdom Amusement Park.  It is supposedly the largest aquarium in the world.

The aquarium/theme park is located on the south side of the city, on the other side of Macau.  The 14 bus took us all the way there. It had been bright and sunny on the 90 minute bus ride, but as soon as we arrived it started pouring down rain.  Typical tropical weather.  The showers didn’t last long and before we knew it we were through the front gates.
OceanKingdom01 OceanKingdom02 OceanKingdom03 OceanKingdom4bOceanKingdom04OceanKingdom05 OceanKingdom06 OceanKingdom07 OceanKingdom7b OceanKingdom08 OceanKingdom8b OceanKingdom09OceanKingdom9d OceanKingdom9c OceanKingdom11 OceanKingdom12OceanKingdom13b OceanKingdom15 OceanKingdom16 OceanKingdom17 OceanKingdom18 OceanKingdom19 OceanKingdom20 OceanKingdom21 OceanKingdom22 OceanKingdom23 OceanKingdom24 OceanKingdom25 OceanKingdom26 OceanKingdom27 OceanKingdom28 OceanKingdom28b OceanKingdom29 OceanKingdom30 OceanKingdom31 OceanKingdom32 OceanKingdom33 OceanKingdom35 OceanKingdom36 OceanKingdom37 OceanKingdom39 OceanKingdom40 OceanKingdom41 OceanKingdom41b OceanKingdom42 OceanKingdom43 OceanKingdom44 OceanKingdom45 OceanKingdom46OceanKingdom46bb OceanKingdom47 OceanKingdom48OceanKingdom48bb OceanKingdom49 OceanKingdom50 OceanKingdom50b OceanKingdom51